Leaders in Microfluidics and Customisable Fine-Line Microcircuitry

With 29 years of unparalleled experience we are the industries leaders in Microfluidics and Customisable Fine-Line Microcircuitry.

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We offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing service for polymer microfluidic modules and systems.

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We have developed a unique method for the manufacture of customisable fine-line microcircuitry, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Electrical-Microfluidic Hybrid Devices

We have developed the fabrication processes necessary for the integration of robust, PCB-like electrical circuit layers with the microfluidic devices.

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Micro-Gasket Interconnections Innovation

Epigem has a unique micro-gasket system that enables our microfluidic chips to be readily integrated with silicon, glass or quartz parts

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Who We Are

Epigem is a micro engineering company applying complex technologies to the life sciences and electronics industries. We are developing, and enabling the manufacture of, systems, components and electronics for a variety of industries including medical diagnosis, electronics and organic fluid analysis, using microfluidics and other technologies.

We are a SME based in the North East of England and committed to operational quality, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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What can we do for you?

Since 1995 we have been applying our know-how to our clients’ wide-ranging requirements, using our applications to provide solutions for various issues. From circuitry for microelectrodes in touch sensors, solar cells and lighting to microfluidics for environmental monitoring and blood analysis, we are developing and manufacturing the components that make next generation products possible today across many industries, including medical diagnostics and analytical instrumentation.

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UK Polymer Lab-on-a-chip Company
Satisfied Customers
Years Microengineering Experience
patents comprising of 15 unique innovations

27 Years of
Unparalleled Service

For 27 years we have helped many organisations in the life sciences and related fields with their highly specific microfluidic and customisable fine-line microcircuitry requirements, from concept through to product realisation.

Few organisations within our industry offer this same level of expertise on the best approach for your particular application.

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Established in 1994

The Service Journey

Our experience has helped us to develop our range of services to include something to suit a diverse range of clients. Whether you know exactly what you need or are looking for some expert advice to guide you towards selecting the right solution for your needs, rest assured that our team will always be on hand to help.

Whether you are looking for a consultative ‘one on one’ service, a team collaboration or just require us to be part of your supply chain we are equally capable of supplying what you require.

Our service steps include:



After initial contact, professional confidentiality is provided and a non-disclosure agreement can be arranged to protect all information. All contact is documented to ensure fast and appropriate responses. Tele and video conferencing is available or visiting us in person.



Based on our analysis of your requirements, we can suggest the best and most efficient and way to meet your goals. At this point, timescales and cost estimates care outlined.


Design / Iteration

We can work with your concept design or provide solutions using our own design expertise. You will be involved in each iteration and final designs version will be reviewed and approved by both parties.



Our manufacturing process is well suited for rapid turnaround and small-scale manufacture of potential design iterations. All iterations are documented and controlled to ensure traceability.



If required, a small to mid-scale manufacturing run can be produced to evaluate performance over large samples. Our manufacturing process is optimised for quality, cost and efficiency.


Ramp Up Production

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capability is best placed and supply chain optimised to provide mid to high volume with consistent quality and delivery.