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All you need to know about Epigem

Epigem is a micro engineering company specialising in the life sciences development and manufacture of microfluidic devices or chips, micro optical components, film processes printed electronics and the cross fertilisation of these key technologies.

Our team of experts are able to offer solutions to customers to use in combination with their own technologies to produce innovative and pioneering microfluidic enabled devices, printed electronic products and more!

Our History


Epigem’s origins are in ICI’s Advanced Materials Division.


Epigem Limited founded after buy-out from ICI Advanced Materials.


Move to purpose-built cleanroom facility at Kirkleatham.


Providing services in polymer optoelectronics and microsystems.


Starts sale and development of polymer microfluidic components.


Receives funds to establish a Centre for Microfluidics and Polymer Electronics as a part of the UK Micro and NanoTechnology network.


Develops transparent conducting film product “Epimesh”.


Secured over £2 million of funding for several high-tech projects to accelerate the company’s growth in healthcare markets and address specific health issues in several areas

  • Contaminated water, to protect against contaminated drinking water and water used in food processing (AQUAVALENS)
  • Milk, to improve the quality and safety of milk with a key target being the prevention of a potent carcinogen, Aflatoxin M1 and its precursor Aflatoxin B1, from entering the dairy and dairy products (SYMPHONY)
  • Diseased blood, to provide a novel diagnostic tool and a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia (CoMMiTMenT – Combined Molecular Microscopy for Therapy and Personalised Medication in Rare Anaemia Treatments)

Welcomes Operations Director to the team and shifts focus to commercialisation.


Develops UK-China partnerships to address antimicrobial resistance incorporating advanced Raman spectroscopy.


90% of company’s revenue now achieved from commercial customers.

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