Epigem takes delivery of new equipment

Epigem is pleased to announce it has recently taken delivery of, and commissioned our latest equipment accusation.

The Nebula 150 Plasma etch system from Henniker Plasma Systems will be used for cleaning, adhesion improvement and enhanced wetting of surfaces via plasma activation. Treatments can be performed equally on metals, polymers, composites, glass and ceramics.

Along with many advanced features such as recipe driven PLC control, data logging to ensure robust and repeatable quality of etching, this system increases Epigem’s volume processing capacity with its large chamber and tray options. We are very pleased to be supported by Henniker Plasma Systems.

New Head of Commercial Strategy appointed

Epigem is pleased to announce the appointment of Carlo Brancati as our new Business Development Manager.

Carlo will be responsible for the overall development, performance and maintenance of all commercial activities of the organisation, strengthening our current client relationships and building new ones.

Carlo said: “I am extremely excited to be joining an organisation with this level of expertise. Epigem’s high level of innovation coupled with my consultative sales background, I believe, will enable us to build better and stronger business relationships, as well as allow us to achieve our new commercial strategy.”

ERCS Conference

Epigem’s Marie Slodowska-Curie Research Fellow Niamh Kilcawley and Director Tim Ryan this month attended the European Red Cell Research Society (ERCS) meeting in Ascona, Switzerland. Niamh presented a poster and an oral presentation describing Epigem’s development of a novel microfluidic instrument (MeCheM) for the screening and diagnosis of red blood cell disorders such as rare anaemias.

Epigem funded to fight antimicrobial resistance

Epigem is a partner in a new project to address the issue of antibiotic resistance. The project has been funded by Innovate UK as one of a number of ‘UK-China partnerships against antimicrobial resistance’. Epigem will be working with Glasgow and Oxford Universities in the UK, and a number of clinical partners in China, to develop a microfluidics-driven test that will incorporate advanced Raman spectroscopy to characterise antimicrobial resistance.

New Director of Operations appointed

Epigem today, Wednesday 3rd May announced the appointment of Marc Magnus as its Director of Operations. Marc’s main role is to support the company as it standardises and increases its manufacturing capability, giving its customers a complete service from concept, design, prototype to volume production.

Marc has twenty years’ experience in leading multi-functional teams across many manufacturing and operational disciplines, including chemical lines, printed circuit boards, mechanical CNC, electrical testing and final inspection techniques. This included a management board position for Snorkel, a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms.

Tim Ryan, managing director of Epigem, said: “Marc brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the operation of a modern manufacturing supply chain. I am looking forward to working with him closely in the coming months and years as we drive Epigem forward into its next phase of growth.”

Marc said: “I am extremely excited and proud to be joining Epigem at such a transitional phase and I am sure my operational experience will assist greatly in the company achieving its long-term goals.”