Academic Research Support

Academic Research Support

Epigem has a long history of supporting and working with university research groups, in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We have been partners in many funded research projects, but have also supported hundreds of researchers in the field of microfluidics through the provision of advice, design support and a wide range of devices, building strong relationships with individuals as they have followed their career paths from Ph.D. students to Professorships and beyond. Epigem has contributed to many publications over the years.

The many benefits for academics in working with Epigem include:

  • Quick solutions at a reasonable cost. Our flexible design and production processes mean that low numbers of devices can be prototyped without the need for large design and set-up fees.
  • Advice and consultation. Epigem’s experienced engineers are able to take a simple design brief and quickly convert this to a practical device. They can also advise on ancillary equipment such as pumps and connectors.
  • The ability to integrate microfluidics and microelectrodes on a single device, enabling devices for biological manipulation such as di-electrophoresis (DEP).

Some of the research topics we have supported over the years are:

  • Deterministic Lateral Displacement (DLD) and flow focussing for the separation of small microparticles (with Heriot Watt University)