Fine-line Hybrid Microfluidics And Microelectrodes

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Fine-line Hybrid Microfluidics And Microelectrodes

Epigem has sustained a long-term relationship with an Irish microfluidics company, starting whilst they were a university research team and continuing through spin-out and growth into a successful and innovative business.

For many years Epigem supported the company through the design and supply of relatively simple low-cost polymeric microfluidic chips as single-use consumable items. These covered a range of functionalities, particularly aimed at research supporting therapeutic areas, and were supplied in batches of thousands.

More recently Epigem have also assisted in the development of microfluidic cells for impedance cytometry applications. For this design fine-line planar electrodes around 20µ in width are patterned above and below a 30µm  microfluidic channel. The two electrode arrays must be aligned to within 2µm. The thumbnail-sized unit also has demountable connections to both the electrodes and the fluid input and output connectors. Working with the customer Epigem has been able to develop a procedure for repeatable robust manufacture of this challenging product.

Key Features

  • Long-term relationship providing understanding of the company’s products and processes.
  • Fine-line electrodes in aligned with microfluidic channels.
  • Out of the box thinking to develop a solution.