Nanoparticle Visualisation

Nanoparticle Visualisation

Epigem was approached by a recently founded company to help them develop and commercialise a technique they had invented to visualize nanoparticles suspended in liquid.

Early development required the creation of a flow chamber in which nanolitre volumes of sample could be held within, or advanced through, a viewing area that existed between a window above the chamber and laser source below.

For practical application the flow chamber had to be readily demountable. Sample size and a requirement for intimate contact of delicate optical hardware to the sample fluid required the implementation of a low load fluid-tight sealing mechanism with delicate optical components forming the lid and base of the flow chamber.

Epigem worked closely with that company’s instrument development team to engineer solutions enabled by the implementation of one of our patented technologies. This allowed that company to successfully develop and commercialise their technique of nanoparticle analysis and produce a series of instruments to count, size and visualize nanoparticles in liquid suspension using our combined technologies.

That company was subsequently acquired by one of the world’s leading materials and biophysical characterisation companies where the series of instruments now complements the broad range of analytical systems in their portfolio.

Epigem continues to be part of that supply chain.

Key Features

  • Collaborative long-term development programme.
  • De-mountable / re-mountable flow chamber for coupling to instrumentation.
  • Precise microfluidic sample manipulation.