Transparent Microelectrode Arrays

Transparent Microelectrode Arrays

Epigem was approached by a global manufacturer of analytical equipment for life science and biomedical research, who wanted to augment their product line of well-plate based microelectrode arrays (MEAs).

Working closely with their development team we were able to develop a range of transparent & flexible MEA platforms, adopting our processes to utilise bio-friendly materials suitable for their end applications. Epigem’s fine-line electrode capability enabled maximum transparency within the well-plate area, ideal for in-situ microscopy, whilst the use of flexible substrates aided the system construction processes.

Our flexible manufacturing process has allowed us to respond quickly to request for new and modified MEA designs and we continue to supply the company with a wide range of products.

Key Features

  • Unique fine-line transparent microelectrode manufacturing process.
  • Volume production capability.
  • Use of shared technology to review stocking & customer replenishment when needed.