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Epigem offers pilot scale to medium volume film coating and embossing services utilising purpose-built reel to reel equipment, situated in our ISO 5/Class 100 cleanroom environment.

The machine is particularly suitable for polymer film substrates but can also handle metal foils and cleanroom compatible papers. The equipment can be configured to allow a variety of laminating options before or after coating (pressure sensitive, heat or light curable adhesives). In-line corona treatment prior to coating is available if required to enhance wetting and adhesion.

The coating unit is equipped with a versatile 4-roll universal coating head allowing a number of different coating methods to be used. Wet coating thickness from sub-micron to 100 micron can be applied. The enclosure is fully extracted and materials made up in organic solvents (e.g. MEK, toluene, ethyl acetate) can be used. Application of the coating from aqueous solution or suspension is also an option. The equipment is designed with versatility in mind and so a number of different coating techniques are available.

Laboratory facilities are situated adjacent to the cleanroom for coating formulation, testing and modification.

Coating capabilities

  • Maximum web width of 350mm
  • Base film thickness 6µm to 200µm
  • Maximum coating speed is 20 m/min
  • ISO 5/Class 100 clean, with in-line web cleaning
  • In-line corona treatment option
  • Wide range of coating mix viscosities
  • Coating thickness in range of sub-micron to 50µm
  • A variety of coating techniques available including bead, meyer bar, gravure and slot application
  • Extracted coating head
  • Hot class-100 clean air Drying capability
  • UV curing capability
  • Multilayering of films

Embossing capabilities

  • ISO5/Class 100 clean, with in-line web cleaning
  • Embossed feature sizes from sub-micron to > 50µm, from optical gratings to channel networks
  • Roll-to-roll process, 350 mm film width
  • UV embossing cure in contact with shim
  • Sheet-fed equipment is also available for low volumes and trials – up to 300 x 300 mm
  • A range of formulated UV curable acrylate/methacrylate type resins are available.
  • Additional lamination and coating of embossed microstructures is possible

Working with us

Day trials - fixed price per day

Contract R & D for coating and embossing

Low/medium volume production – priced per square meter

In addition, Epigem can supply materials and/or transfer technology to you the customer or to your preferred supplier after completion of the development/pre-production phase.

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