CoMMiTMenT (2013-18)

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CoMMiTMenT (2013-18): Combined Molecular Microscopy for Therapy and Personalised Medication in Rare Anaemia Treatments

The CoMMiTMent project was a major pan-European collaboration, funded under the EU’s FP7-HEALTH programme, having the aim of developing non-invasive methodologies for for the exploration, diagnosis and development of therapeutic interventions for several rare anaemias, including hereditary xerocytosis, overhydrated hereditary stomatocytosis, familial pseudohyperkaliemia, cryohydrocytosis, certain types of spherocytosis, hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia and phosphofructokinase deficiency. The approach used was based on combined imaging technologies based on optofluidic microscopy and scanning ion conductance microscopy.

Epigem’s role in the consortium was to design and manufacture microfluidic devices for the partners to test. One outcome pf the project was a novel prototype instrument combinings microfluidics and microscopy to examine the morphology of red blood cells. This insttrument is being further developed in the linked RELEVANCE project.