Transparent Conducting Film “Epimesh”

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Transparent Conducting Film “Epimesh”

Epigem’s microcircuit technology has been successfully applied to the manufacture of transparent flexible electrodes – “Epimesh”.

A fine-line conducting embedded grid is fabricated on a transparent PET flexible substrate. By adjusting the width and geometry of the metallic grid we are able to tailor the transparency and conductivity of the electrode sheet, providing a cost-effective alternative to inorganic coatings such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Typical characteristics

  • Square grid pattern. Alternatives such as hexagonal or ‘wavy’ can be provided on request
  • 15 micron metal line-width, 300 micron spacing
  • Transparency > 80% (transmissive loss due to the metallic grid is < 10%)
  • Resistivity < 0.5 Ohms/square
  • Colour is determined by the supporting PET film – clear through the visible spectrum
  • Planar top surface – conducting element coplanar with exposed resin surface
  • Conductor material: nickel with an optional gold ‘flash’

More About Electrodes

The electrode films are mechanically robust and can be flexed repeatedly without loss of performance. The lack of colour and optical transmission vs resistance characteristics compare favourably with those of ITO and other inorganic conductors.

Applications of Epimesh include electrodes for organic photovoltaic devices (OPD), touch screens, EMI shielding and general ITO replacement. The electrodes are pre-patterned during manufacture to produce complex structures, avoiding the need for subsequent etching processes.

Epimesh is avaliable in sizes up to A4 sheets. Please contact us for a quotation


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