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Microfluidic Chips

Epigem offers a comprehensive design and manufacturing service for polymer microfluidic modules and systems. Device manufacture is carried out in a cleanroom environment and is ISO9001:2015 quality assured.

The fabrication process is flexible, stable and well characterised. Both small quantity and high volume manufacturing is available so as to provide customers with a complete service from prototype through to manufacture.

Increasingly devices require more than just a passive microfluidic function (such as flow splitting or passive mixing). Therefore Epigem has developed fabrication processes necessary for more complex structures. PCB-like electrical circuit layers can be integrated alongside the microfluidic channels to provide additional means of fluid (or fluid component) manipulation.

Additionally we have developed a unique micro-gasket system that enables our microfluidic chips to be readily integrated with silicon, glass or quartz parts to construct complex systems or allow the repeatable insertion of the module into a larger device or instrument.

Key Features

Rapid manufacturing service with low-cost tooling

Single or multilayer fluidics

Patented micro-gasket sealing technology for integration with silicon/quartz/glass components

Patented ferrule interconnection system for ultra-compact and leak-free fluid interfacing

Wide range of channel widths and depths available

Mixed depth features on the same chip (deep reservoirs, shallow channels)

Custom microfluidic chip service

Epigem has many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of complex microfluidic chips and related systems.

Our engineers and scientists can work closely with you to provide advice on the best approach to take for your particular application.

Epigem is part of the supply chain for a number of global diagnostics and instrumentation companies, who we have partnered from the concept stage right through to product realisation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or even to brainstorm your developing concepts.

Standard Design

As well as our custom microfluidic chip service, Epigem also offer a full range of standard chips. Order one chip or volume from our stock selection.

All standard chips come fitted with two fluid connector blocks offering fluid connection via ¼” 28 UNF male flat bottom fittings.

Also purchase our Starter Fittings and tube connection kit with some chips, to ensure you have everything you need to immediately interconnect internally and externally.

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