Dr Tim Ryan

After 18 years as a scientist and then Research Associate with UK Chemical giant ICI, Tim left in 1995 to found the spin-out company Epigem.

During his 35 years in industry, he has championed a diverse number of fields and established a worldwide scientific reputation (with more than 150 patents comprising 15 basic inventions, over 50 publications and presentations including at least 20 international conference invited lectures) in biodegradable polymers, liquid crystal polymers, effect polymers, nanocomposites, replicated micro and nanostructure originated products including optoelectronic / micro-optical materials and components, microfluidics and large area microelectronics.

He is a serial multidisciplinary project collaborator as his chosen route to customer focused product, technology and nature inspired innovation. Currently he is focused on healthcare and large area microelectronics opportunities.

Tim has served on the committees of professional bodies, Universities and governmental advisory boards and is widely networked in academia and industry throughout the UK and brings this extensive experience to his leadership of Epigem’s Management Team